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Window Screens

Window Screens

We repair, re-screen and manufacture window screens for all window types and brands. We measure and special order retractable window screens.

Central Oregon wildlife is great to watch but only when it stays outdoors! Do you have problems with critters getting into places you don't want them? We can help! We'll build a special screen to keep them out.


Fiber - Mesh Fabric

We use Phifer insect screen fiber with a weave of 18 x 16. This allows maximum ventilation and still keeps the bugs out. It is made of fiberglass. Colors available are black and grey.

Also available in wire, colors are: Aluminum(silver), and copper/brass.

- Pet Screen by Phifer. It's seven times stronger than regular insect screening!! Made of a strong vinyl coated polyester that resists damage by cats & dogs.

- BetterVue by Phifer. A better view! 20% better airflow and 20 % more optical clarity.

- Also available are many solar fibers to block the sun. See our solar page.

- Problems with no seeum's or gnats getting through your screens? Our solar insect screen will block them out!!!


Screen Frame

We use aluminum chanel for our screen frames. Colors available:

Silver - White - Almond - Bronze - Tan (Call for specialty colors)

The different thicknesses of standard chanel are: 5/16"   3/8"  and  7/16" 

Other specialty frame chanel is available or may be ordered.



There are many types of hardware for window screens. Check to see what is needed to keep screens in place. Here are a few examples:

Finger pulls


Chanel clips

Casement Clips

Knife Latch


Plungers (pull knob to release the screen)

Wickets (small hinged door in a window screen)

Cross bar


Screen Order Information

When ordering a new screen, we will need the following information:

Width and Height of screen (inches)

Color of frame

Thickness of frame (where it fits into the track)

Color of fiberglass screen (black or grey)

Hardware to keep screen in place: springs, plungers, chanel clips, etc.


Is a screen missing? Do you have another screen in the house/building somewhere else that would fit the opening? If yes, you can bring that in, we will duplicate it.

Does your screen now require plastic chanel clips to secure them? We can rebuild screens so they no longer need them.

We are happy to service any size job. If your job is small and you want to avoid the minimum on-site service call charge, you can bring it to our shop. Most orders are received one day and available for pick up the following work day. If you want us to come to your job site, call and make an appointment.

Call us for a free estimate. Most work is priced by measurements.

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